Chris Murphy Solo Violin


Press for Chris Murphy:

“Haunting and enchanting…A talented and innovative player traveling on the edge.”
~Dirty Linen Magazine, 2016

“He plays the violin like he was born with it.”
~Kaj Roth, Roth N’ Roll, 2016

“Music like this comes from deep within.”
~Jason Hillenburg, Vents Magazine, 2016

“Chris Murphy throws himself into these songs headfirst and applies passion and technique to everything he touches with a sure and steady hand.”
~Molly Shimer, Gas House Radio, 2016


On Boat Songs, so named because all of the tracks were recorded aboard a 27-foot sailboat, L.A.’s Chris Murphy shifts effortlessly from the serene, to the desolate, creating a dozen stark, compelling canvases using only one inspired brush. Be warned – his gypsy violin doesn’t just speak to the angels…


7 Crows

SEVEN CROWS is a mystical, brooding, romantic, sensual violin journey.

Recorded with only his electric violin, a looping machine and some cheap guitar pedals, Seven Crows is rich with layered violin fantasies, swirly bowed dreams, osinato plucked recipes and Chris’ lush garage rock string orchestration mining the emotional terrain of love, life and adventure.

A fascinating 13 song album beautifully recorded and mixed by Colin Studybaker (Iron & Wine, Califone) and Erik Colvin, and produced by Kristian Dunn (Soft Lights, El Ten Eleven).


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