Sora Nova World Music Ensemble

Italian, French, Latin and Middle Eastern Music

Italian, French, Latin and Arabic Music
Sora Nova is all about the rich, exotic and sultry melodies and rhythms of world music. Latin rumbas, French gavottes, Greek island tremolos and Italian tarantellas, mingled with burning gypsy violin, Flamenco, and mysterious palm tree tangos, are performed on violins, mandolins, bass, percussion and guitars. With each note, Sora Nova’s traditional world music unfolds like a film score – charming, lively and enchanting. Sora Nova takes you on a trip around the world.

Greek Music:

French Music:

Latin Music:

Italian Music:

Press for Sora Nova:

“Echoes of Pink Martini, The Gypsy Kings and Nino Rota alternate with flashes of ‘70s French skin flick soundtracks and the heady blare of an Egyptian marketplace on the new album, drawing us into a stunning global musical alchemy, transmuting Tango, Klezmer, Greek and Moroccan influences into a sheltering sky that’s both sexy and cerebral.”
~James Rotondi, February 2014


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