The Bracken Band

Traditional and Original Irish Music


The Bracken Band features Marian Tomas Griffin on guitar and vocals and Chris Murphy on violin. They’re influenced by artists such as The Pogues, Van Morrison, Horslips, The Waterboys and Alison Krauss. The Bracken Band plays jigs, reels, romantic and drinking songs that will entertain anyone – from the rolling green hills of Ireland, to the stunning chaparral expanses of Southern California.

Press for The Bracken Band:

“What keeps the listener’s attention throughout is Mr. Murphy’s magic violin. I say ‘magic’ because of the number of different and crazy sounds that are emitted from that thing.”

“[Marian Tomas Griffin]…sings, dances and plays several musical instruments besides looking like a more delicate Maureen O’Hara… I simply lost my heart…”
~John Simon, New York Magazine

The Tinker’s Dream (2017 Album)

Press for The Tinker’s Dream:

“Cinematic sweep embodied in musical form! 9/10 stars!”
~Jason Hillenburg, Skope Magazine 2017

“The Tinker’s Dream is a musical work of high artistry!”
~Lance Wright, Indiemunity 2017

“This is [Murphy’s] finest release to date!”
~Shannon Cowden, Gashouse Radio 2017

“There isn’t a single song on The Tinker’s Dream that lacked the rich, organic instrumentation that hits you right in your soul when you hear it!”
~Matt Turner, No More Division 2017

“The Tinker’s Dream is a first-class release in every respect!”
~Lydia Hillenburg, Vents Magazine 2017

“A fantastic interpretation of Irish folk!”
~Dani Heyvaert, Rootstime 2017

“This is quintessential qorld music– brisk, clear, and vibrant! A true piece of art!”
~The Ark of Music 2017

“A songwriting and instrumental extravaganza! 9/10 stars!”
~Charles Hatton, Indie Music Reviews 2017

“One of the most respected instrumental talents in any genre currently working in the modern music scene!”
~David Shouse, Band Blurb 2017


The Day Before the Fair features collaborations with D.J. Bonebrake on percussion, Andy Reilly on bodhran and percussion and Herb Pederson on harmony. The Day Before the Fair is a documentation of the band’s exploration of Irish classics such as Danny Boy, Star of the County Down and The Foggy Dew. The Day Before the Fair is available on


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