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Violinist • Composer • Band Leader

Born into an Irish-Italian family near New York City, Murphy was influenced by Italian mandolin, bluegrass, folk, and Latin music. With 18 solo albums and 20 others in collaboration, he has written over 450 songs and performs over 200 performances throughout the year.. Based in Los Angeles, Murphy has made a living by writing, performing, producing and recording original music.

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“From the moment he steps onto the stage, you’ll be transported into a world of emotion and artistry, where every note tells a story. Feel the energy surge through the crowd as Chris Murphy takes the stage. His electrifying looping live performances are legendary, and he’s ready to share that magic with you. From intimate ballads to high-energy anthems, Chris brings a dynamic range that will leave you breathless and wanting more.” (Johthema Productions - Jan Janssen)


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