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One of my favorite projects is my SEVEN CROWS music. l really enjoy creating ambient, post-rock, cinematic instrumental soundscapes using my electric violin. The special effects that result from building multiple layers of tone and texture through the use of multiple looping pedals is challenging and satisfying to me. I’ve created two albums of SEVEN CROWS music; one in 2007 and most recently in 2020, titled SECRETS OF NAVIGATION. Watch this film to learn more about it.

This is the official video of my latest SEVEN CROWS single release in December 2020, titled “Northwest Passage”

“All the Seven Crows music I’ve written has been inspired by feelings, moods, landscapes, nature, dreams, and emotions. It is in contrast to my other songwriting style which tends to narrate a story-based experience often dictating the emotional content with lyrics, chords and melody.”

–  Chris Murphy, interview excerpt - VENTS Magazine

Chris Looping Music

I am always motivated to be creative every day and to explore the many avenues of musical expression. It is so inspiring to support fellow musicians, aspiring artists with their own projects, and also share my ongoing evolution as an artist. I’d like to share with you some of my ongoing endeavors so you can consider how I can be available to help you with your own recording projects as a creative director or producer.


Writing music is a natural activity for me and I am available to compose a custom song for your event, or as another example take a poem you wrote and arrange it into a song. I seek opportunities to make performance art, whether it be creating music for an art installment, or being commissioned to create music for your short video, larger film, commercial, or YouTube video that promotes your product. All of my music is available for licensing.


A recent example of that would be my work to create and license music for the Firebox Stove YouTube channel videos. I had a great time traveling with him to create LIVE mandolin music on one of his camping trip videos and I was later commissioned to compose an entire album of music for his company, in addition to negotiating the use of some of my music from my 2017 album The Tinker’s Dream. Please visit FireboxStove to learn more about their great products.

Chris Firebox Stove Trip


In the past few years I have helped produce and direct recording projects and short film documentaries for other musicians. Namely, the late Paul Haas. It was so inspiring to work with a soulful songwriter who had so much natural talent and who was committed to his own authentic style. It was a real privilege to help him achieve his dream and make his first recording of 10 amazing songs on LONG, LONG TIME released on my label in June of 2020., Teahouse Records on You can visit the PaulHaasMusic website to learn more.

Youtube Mini documentary I directed of Paul Haas.

Chris and Paul

Another production credit was with Brooke Benson. Full of talent and creativity she stays true to her original voice on her first album, I AM THE SUN. I enjoyed collaborating with her on her album that is full of interesting grooves and poetic insights with her spoken word genre. She explored her muse on this album and we had a great time putting it together at Hayloft Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

I Am the Sun Cover
Chris and Brooke Benson


To me, all my music is a soundtrack to a moment in life somewhere for someone. In 2012, I collaborated with Joey Peters for the creation of a soundtrack to the very important documentary LOST TOWN about a man’s search to reconnect with his father’s family roots in Trochenbrod and their fate under Nazi Germany. Please watch the trailer to this very touching film produced by Jeremy Goldschieder, Goldstreet Films (2012).

My industrial mood EDM music also is perfect backdrop for fashion, convention events, or for use in a short film. Have a look at the video below of “Edge of the Earth.”

If you need a co-writer for a song, or simply want to order a custom song for your own use, contact me here at the website to set an appointment to discuss needed details. The fee would be determined by the length and complexity of work.  Similarly, if you need me to go into the recording studio and create sound effects or original music for your film, or to perform on your recording, I would be very interested in speaking with you about the opportunity to collaborate.

Royalties and Music Licenses

Like many music creators I belong to a performing rights organization (ASCAP) that protects my music from copyright infringement and I have music distributors that also monitor my music. If you a need a music license, or are requesting permission to use my music for simple wedding videos, or a music supervisor requesting permission for use in short films, commercials, or full-length films, let’s talk. I am always open to negotiating and exploring the options.

Teahouse Records

Last but not least, is my record label Teahouse Records on Bandcamp featuring a majority of my recorded albums. Since 2016, I have been offering my newer albums and older Kufala label recordings for streaming and purchase through Bandcamp. For your convenience you can listen and purchase from this website on the MUSIC page. I hope you will follow Teahouse Records on Bandcamp and send me a message of how you are enjoying the music.


I am interested in helping other interesting musicians release their music. If you are interested in releasing your album on Teahouse Records or need creative direction, please contact me here through my website to discuss the options of how I can help you share your art.

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