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    "a fire-breathing virtuoso of the violin, Chris Murphy crams more musical mileage into a short set than most players do in an entire tour. Murphy does the devil's handiwork on four strings with a winning presence and a gypsy's knack."

    James Rotondi , Editor-in-chief @ Future Music Magazine

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Latest Chris Murphy News

Lost Town : 2014 Documentary

Lost Town documentary soundtrack
Chris Murphy collaborated with Joey Peters to create the soundtrack for the 2014 documentary, Lost Town. Murphy and Peters will perform at the movie opening in Beverly Hills next week on April 28.

More about the movie on IMDB

Celebrate the first day of Spring!

March 20th – The Bracken Band

The Bracken Band will perform at Genghis Cohen’s on the first day of Spring (the 20th of March) during the venue’s monthly songwriter event, “Under the Influence.” Each month, the event showcases the best of LA songwriters as they honor the artists that inspire them. Each act performs a cover song by the chosen artist (Van Morrison is featured this time), followed by two original songs of their own.

$10 / 7:30p

740 N Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California


Salvage Bar and Lounge:


Shout out to Salvage Bar and Lounge in the heart of the Financial District in Downtown Los Angeles. Salvage’s interior elements creatively intertwine modern design elements with fixtures and materials left behind from the original construction of the building.

Mingle on their outdoor chateau, sit amidst timeless remnants of the 1920s in the main room and coalesce on the palatial ballroom as rounds of cocktails permeate the bar.

Chris Murphy and The Devil’s Box perform live at Salvage this Sunday!

717 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 688-7755

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