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    "9 out of 10 stars! Track after track, Murphy shows why he is one of the best songwriters in popular music and unjustly flying under the mainstream radar. This is music with many beating hearts and their pulse is loud!"
    - Cyrus Rhodes for No Depression , 2016

    "A fire-breathing virtuoso of the violin, Chris Murphy crams more musical mileage into a short set than most players do in an entire tour. Murphy does the devil's handiwork on four strings with a winning presence and a gypsy's knack."
    - James Rotondi, Editor-in-chief for Future Music Magazine

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Latest Chris Murphy News

Chris Murphy on Spotify

My discography is finally on Spotify. You can stream albums from my back catalog including Water Under The Bridge and The Tinker’s Dream here

Long Long Time by Paul Haas out now on Teahouse Records

I recently produced and played on the album “Long Long Time” by LA area Americana artist Paul Haas. The former trucker’s debut came out on Teahouse Records. You can purchase the album on Bandcamp and find it on your favorite streaming platform. Revisit our release party here

Seven Crows – “Secrets Of Navigation” out next Friday (10/2)

The debut album from my ambient project Seven Crows is out next Friday (10/2) on Teahouse Records

Stream the first two singles, “Secrets Of Navigation” and “Two Swords,” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Rj2oiP2D8AGh5jgcsDlVs?si=YUAPW1lRS5WsqbV4HLEwNQ

Presave the album here: https://ffm.to/gqkr984

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