"Both a wily, charismatic performer and a fire-breathing virtuoso of the violin, Chris Murphy crams more musical mileage into a short set than most players do in an entire tour. Whether it’s through noirish atmospheres, joyfully bent traditional folk tunes, or belly-up to-the-bar Blues, Murphy does the devil’s handiwork on four strings with a winning presence and a gypsy’s knack for crossing all musical terrains"
James Rotondi

"Music With Many Beating Hearts
and their pulse is loud! 9 out Of 10 stars"
Cyrus Rhodes
No Depression Magazine

Violinist • Composer • Band Leader

ABOUT THE ALBUM: THE ROAD AND THE STARS features a collection of music spotlighting Murphy’s talent as a multi-genre artist, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist on violin, mandolin, guitar, and percussion. Roots-rock, Celtic, Bluegrass, Folk, World, Blues, and Jazz are all represented here to create awareness of the broad musical palette that Chris Murphy as an artist has to offer the listener. Universal themes, story-telling, and instrumentals provide a sonic journey that will create an appetite to hear and learn more about his music.

Shows and Information

Chris Murphy's solo show or band performances feature a variety music that may include: Blues, Bluegrass, Folk, Country Rock, Gypsy, Celtic,
Ambient Post-Rock, Indie rock, Americana, and other World Music influences depending on the venue.
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Chris Murphy on the road “Have Violin Will Travel”

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