May 25 2024


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Chris Murphy @ Project Barley Redondo

The seed of Project Barley was planted back in 2008 when Rives Borland and Brent Reger first met, surrounded by music and mutual friends.

Both being avid homebrewers, many discussions throughout the years revolved around starting a brewery in the South Bay.

The idea laid dormant until 2018 when, in a casual lunch meeting with Lowell Bakke, owner of The Standing Room restaurants where Reger‘s band Barley plays regularly, the discussion turned to opening a brewery.

With a restauranteur, an engineer, and a marketer on board…..and a mutual love for beer…the plan was hatched.  In a world where starting a brewery has turned into who can scale the fastest and sell to a major player, Rives, Brent, and Lowell’s plan revolved around live music, hand-making small batch beer, and focusing on keeping it local and in the tap room.

The event is finished.